There could be many occasion that you would like to schedule PC shutdown at a predefined intervals or under certain conditions without relying on manual reset. Even though there are many solutions out there but in case you are still looking around, here is a simple utility that you can try. Named as Shutdown Timer, it is a free utility that enables users to configure the way of shutting down or restart the PC either by ways of specifying the time, CPU, memory or even network conditions.

Once install and launch the utility, users will be brought to a simple interface. Basically there are few options ranging from Time, CPU, Memory and Network options available for selection. On the main menu, users can directly configure the time and date on when the system is intended to be powered down, which is quite straight forward as similar to other utilities in the market. To make it more powerful, the Shutdown Timer can even be configured by monitoring CPU, memory or network condition and it will be turned off when the predefined threshold is reached. For instance, under CPU options, users are allowed to set the CPU percentage as well as CPU temperature condition and once those thresholds are met, it will trigger a power shutdown. Similarly to Memory and Network options, there is a way to activate these triggering modes that make it suitable for various applications and usages. And not only limited to shutdown, the utility can even be set to hibernate, standby, restart, logoff or lock the PC screen depending on own preference.

Consumed around 4.5MB of your hard disk space, Shutdown Timer is compatible to run with any Windows Operating Systems for more effective work with proper power saving towards greener environment.

Download Shutdown Timer (32-bit): shutdownTimer_setup_2_5.exe
Download Shutdown Timer (64-bit): shutdownTimer64_setup_2_5.exe