If you didn’t spend some time setting up the unique naming before using the digital camera for shooting, then you may encounter the same problem that I have now. The photos are mixed up with common naming like IMG_0003.jpg for picture files or MVI_0006.AVI for video files. It becomes even worst when you are using different digital camera and some of the photos captured may repeat and tend to replace the previous one when you save them into your PC. Now there seems to be an ideal solution with the availability of the freeware. Known as Stamp, it is one of the awards winning application software that is able to rename the photos in proper way for future retrieval and printing.


The software utility is capable to retrieve every single photo with original date that it was captured and link it back to the filename of the photo. In this case, the filename will be truly unique and there will not be any repeat naming that creates confusion. After install and run the Stamp, you will be able to sort them in chronological order for easy viewing.

At only of around 2MB size, the utility is quite useful especially for those that have a lot of different batches of photos in his PC storage with a mixture of photos taken from different digital cameras. Furthermore, it is compatible with all brand of digital cameras. Also, it offers great customized configurable file filtering features for specific photos selection. It is free for download here (version 2.8) and no harm to try it out.