If you are looking for software utility to perform quick text to speech conversion, then this could be the right tool. Named as Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader, the utility is smart enough to convert any text to high quality machine voice with only a few simple clicks. The tool can be quite useful especially for those visually impaired person or even for someone that prefer to use ears instead of eyes for document error checking.


The program provides a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) for easy startup with few buttons needed for configuration and operation. User can customize the audio’s speed, pitch and volume, choose to open the text file or copy all the e-book content directly into the dialog box and it will read it out for you in high audio quality. Another interesting feature here is it is compatible with famous ICQ, MSN, AOL and able to do quick translation for the text appears in the Instant Messaging dialog box. Just imagine how nice would it be for the machine to read out the message loud and clear without having you stay near the PC (as long as your speaker system is loud enough). It almost has no limitation as long as the text is written in English. Besides, the user has options to convert the speech into .WAV files to be replayed or burned into audio CD.

I am hoping to get this utility for my mobile PDA so that it won’t be needed to strain my eyes when receiving new SMS while driving on the road. The freeware is available for download at Zabeware for quick trial.