Misplacing the flash drive is a common occurrence due to its small size. The flash drive is portable and handy but losing important data may cost you a lot more than just inconvenience. The data you have backed up in your pen drive may be highly personal or important and you do not want them to fall into the wrong hands. To safeguard your private and confidential data from being leaked out when incidents like this happen, getting an encryption tool such as USB Safeguard can be a good idea.

USB Safeguard is a free and portable security application for Windows users to encrypt their data in the USB drive. This portable program does not require any installation. To protect and encrypt sensitive data files saved on the pen drive, users just need to download and save the application to the drive. Users can launch the encryption application from the flash drive itself and enter a security password when prompted with the application interface. Users can choose to encrypt the entire flash drive or select one or more folders to be encrypted. Users can just drag and drop the files in the drive for encryption. Users are given options of either keeping the original files after encrypting or deleting the original files with the built-in file shredder. USB Safeguard offers users a few options in case somebody tries to access the flash drive unsuccessfully. Users can set to delete the data stored or continue to leave the files there.

Besides the encryption feature, USB Safeguard also incorporates the ‘Safe Internet Browsing’ option which allows users to launch Internet Explorer from the flash drive safely without leaving any internet traces on the host computer such as cookies, URL history, passwords, etc. USB Safeguard also offers an on-screen virtual keyboard where users can enter their security password without using the physical keyboard when they use the flash drive on high-risk computers. USB Safeguard uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect users’ date.

The following video shows the features of USB Safeguard:

Download USB Safeguard via the link here.