For any reason if you would like to strip off all the video stream, leaving only audio stream to be stored for future usage or further processing, this software utility may be able to assist you. Named as Free Video to Audio Converter, it can help to you to convert almost any video formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, VOB and etc to various audio formats with few simple steps.

Once install and launch the software utility, it will bring you to a friendly GUI. Click on ‘Add Task’ will browse for your original video clips stored in your directories. When the video source is selected, users will be able to see the source media file info such as the original format, file size, audio bit rate and etc. Besides, there are various audio output settings that users can configure ranging from output formats, audio sample rate (in Hertz), audio volume, channel, bit rate and many more. In terms of output formats, users can choose from a wide selections such as famous MP3, WMA, WAV, MP2 besides some rarely heard RA, OGG, M4A, AC3 and many more. Good thing is, there is a way to set the start and end points of the total video clips so that only those selected portion will be converted.

After completing the setup, click on ‘Start’ button and all the conversion will be done automatically. Surprisingly, it takes less than 10 seconds to complete the conversion of a 5MB WMV video clip to MP3 audio format. If you think this is useful, just go and get a free download here.