If you always do backup to your hard disk drive but occasionally miss out to update/synchronous the backup folders, now here is a simple software utility, named as FreeFileSync v1.14 that can help to compare folders and files from different drives and eventually help you to ensure both of them are always in synchronous so that you have a valid backup copy to be kept in secure place.

Once installed and launched the software utility, users will be able to see two screens side by side for easy comparison. Just browse for the directories that intended to be compared for the difference on both sides, click on ‘Compare’ button and all the differences (can be set by file content, size and data) will be listed down. Users can examine the lists before deciding to synchronize them by simply clicking on ‘Synchronize’ button. To ensure accurate file synchronization, users can even configure filter so that only those files that pass the filtering criteria will be selected for synchronization. Once users activate synchronization, there are few variants such as mirroring, doing one or two way updates or even able to configure own synchronization rules based on own preferences.

FreeFileSync v1.14 is an open source tool and is free for download at SourceForge.