Tired of listening to the robotic voice from your Garmin GPS device instructing you to turn left, go straight, keep right, etc? If nothing sounds better than hearing your own voice or a loved one giving directions to guide you to your destination, then the new Garmin Voice Studio, a free and easy-to-use PC application will surely provide the solution.

A global leader in satellite navigation, Garmin International Inc, has lately announced the release of Garmin Voice Studio, a free application that allows Garmin users to record their own voice or their friends’ voice and upload to their compatible Garmin GPS navigation device via a microphone. Instead of listening to the mechanical and dull voice of the machine, users can be guided and directed to their destination with customized voices they are familiar with.

Users who like the Garmin Voice Studio program can download it via the link here and install it on their computer. Users can record their voices and edit them accordingly using the application. Once users are satisfied, they can thence upload the voice files to their compatible Garmin devices. This Garmin application is compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2 onwards. One drawback of this application is it does not provide text-to-speech recording.

Below is the list of Garmin Devices which are compatible with Garmin Voice Studio:

  • aera™ series
  • GPSMAP® 620 & 640
  • nüvi® 200-series
  • nüvi 205-series
  • nüvi 500-series
  • nüvi 700-series
  • nüvi 705-series
  • nüvi 800-series
  • nüvi 1200-series
  • nüvi 1300-series
  • nüvi 1400-series
  • nüvi 1600-series
  • nüvi 5000
  • zūmo® 660