After few months in beta version, Google has finally released the final version of Google Earth 6.0.2. Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographic information application that let the users to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, galaxies in outer space and the depths of the ocean from their desktop. The final version of Google Earth 6 has been improved with several new features and bug fixes.

New and features of the Google Earth 6 includes:

  • Fly from outer space down to the streets with the new Street View and easily navigate your way around.
  • See 3D trees in locations all over the world.
  • Able to know when historical imagery is available in the location that is viewing.
  • Explore rich geographical content.
  • Search for business locations.
  • See 3D buildings and add your own models.
  • Visualize your GPS tracks and share with others.
  • Dive beneath the surface of the ocean.

The Google Earth 6.02 is available as a free download from Google Earth or directly download .