After upgrading to Firefox 3.5, Google Gears users may notice that Google Gears is not compatible with Firefox version 3.5, rendering many web applications’ features that dependent on Google Gears not functioning, or not working. However, a new version of Google Gears, version has been released to support Firefox 3.5 or above.

Google Gears is used by a number of web applications to provide new functionality, such as Gmail (for offline Gmail), YouTube, Google Docs, Google Reader, Picasa for Mobile, Google Calendar, MySpace (Mail Search), Zoho (Writer, Mail), Remember The Milk, Buxfer, and WordPress 2.6.

Google Gears with Firefox 3.5 Support

The latest Google Gears version can be downloaded from Google Gears homepage, which will support Firefox 3.5 officially. The Google Gears system requirement is Window XP or Vista with Firefox 1.5+ and IE 6.0+. User will need to close all web browser during running installation.The Google Gears item will listing into Firefox add-on menu.