You may have a brilliant proposal or an outstanding track record but once you submit a written document filled with grammatical mistakes, your professionalism and credibility will be questioned. Written accuracy is never more prized in this age of globalism where standards of English are deteriorating and those who not only speak well but write well are valued. Grammarly is a free Microsoft Office 2010 add-in which assists in identifying spelling and grammatical inaccuracies to ensure your documents are edited and proofread before they are read by superiors or clients.

Download via the link here, Grammarly, a useful proofreading and grammar checking tool that uses powerful grammar checking technology to trace and find mistakes in users’ writing and gives direct to the point explanations and suggestion to improve it. Once it is installed, users will notice there is an additional Grammarly tab added in the menu bar.

To check and analyze grammar mistakes, users just need to click on the “Check Grammar” button and the checker will do the checking and analyzing online instantly. It will give users a comprehensive report on their grammar as well as problems in spelling, plagiarism, vocabulary, etc. This grammar checking tool’s report is quite comprehensive and detailed. However, it doesn’t correct or rectify your mistakes. Users need to subscribe and pay to get the grammar checking tool to correct errors for you. Grammarly is compatible with MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.