Bought a i-gotU GPS logger which can be used to track and save waypoints to geotag photos and monitor sporting or traveling activites? i-gotU, manufactured by Mobile Action from Taiwan, has developed many models of GPS logger, some of which have been reviewed by My Digital Life. For example, i-gotU GT-200e and i-gotU GT-600.

The main grumbling about i-gotU GPS logger is that there is no support for 64-bit (x64) Windows 7, the edition that becomes increasingly popular, until now. Previously, only unsigned driver for i-gotU GPS logger is available for 64-bit Windows 7, forcing x64 OS user to manually disable driver signature enforcement in system bootup, or manually sign the driver with test driver as workaround to load the driver in x64 Windows 7 in order to connect the i-gotU GPS logger to the computer and download the GPS tracklogs.

The non-support of 64-bit Windows 7 for i-gotU GPS logger is a great inconvenience, especially when the GPS logger does not support USB mode, where GPS data file can be copied and retrieved via USB connection. Finally, the support for Windows 7 x64 is coming, with an updated signed driver.

i-gotU owners can download the full version of i-gotU Suite, which comes pre-packaged with updated device driver for all i-gotU GPS logger devices.

Download the full package of i-gotU Suite (current version 3.1 updated on February 2, 2010): i-gotU_Suite_Full.exe

Those who wants the updated signed driver for i-gotU GPS logger can download i-gotU_Driver.exe driver package instead.