Now IEPlus 1.1.1 is available. It is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer which will bring you some special feature to make your web browsing and surfing become more convenience, more fun and more comfortable. It comes with features such as close tab when double clicked, super drag and drop, browse history, ads blocker, mouse gesture, extensible plugin system, URL shortcuts, etc.

Since IEPlus does not need to re-invent the wheel time and again and depends on Internet Explorer’s standard interfaces, it thus is more stable and better than most third party multi-tab browsers based on Internet Explorer core. IEPlus just require minimum resource.

What’s New in This Release:
• Export/Import all configuration is added;
• User defined search engine support is added;
• A mask layer is added to hide flash, and you can view the flash by clicking on the mask layer;
• Activate ActiveX controls automatically;
• IEPlus now can block ads in frames now;
• Page translation and auto scroll plugin are improved;
• The mouse guesture, hotkey, and plugin management configuration files are merged into IEPlus.ini;
• IEPlus configuration user interface and English are improved;
• When double clicked on the last tab, IEPlus will switch the URL to your home page;
• You can block more ads by ClickBlock and flash block now;
• Content based filter rules are no longed stored in registry. The configuration is moved into a ini file so that advanced users can modify them easily;
• The in-frequent SysFader error caused by IE single instance feature is now fixed;
• The bug which causes IE crash sometimes due to double click on the only one tab left;
• The bug which causes IE crash sometimes due to ClickBlock feature;
• The bug that no menu is shown at times when you click the IEPlus button