Microsoft Private Folder is a utility that allows you to password protect your folder on Windows PC after you successfully passed through genuine WGA verification during download process and install process. After you install Microsoft Private Folder, a password protected folder named ‘My Private Folder’ is created for you to store your private data with basis security.

However, if you are unable to validate your copy of Windows, you can install Microsoft Private Folder by using the following steps with any WGA validation process, and without using any crack or hack:

  1. Download Microsoft Private Folder from Microsoft at direct download location.
  2. Execute the downloaded file MSPF10ENU.msi with the /quiet switch. You can either go to the Command Prompt (Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories) then cd (change folder/directory) to your saved file location and then key in “MSPF10ENU.msi /quiet”, or use Run (Start Menu -> Run) and type “C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\My Documents\MSPF10ENU.msi /quiet (assuming you saved the program in My Documents folder).

Note: With /quiet parameter means silent install. So after installing, Windows operating system will reboot automatically. So make sure you have save your works before starting the installation.

Simple 2 steps, without the usage of crack or hack to bypass the WGA validation, Microsoft Private Folder is installed.

Disclaimer: All information on this page is for educational and informational purpose only. Please contact Microsoft if you need help.