If you like Instant Messaging so much and would like to integrate all the different IM platforms into your Windows Mobile device, here is a good solution for you. Beejive, one of the premier developers of mobile software has just released a new beta version of JiveTalk targeted for Windows Mobile Devices.

JiveTalk is compatible with various kinds of IM accounts such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MySpace and more. By having all the different IM windows on the same platform, it enables a simple and real time instant connectivity to all your friends regardless of what types of accounts they are having. Furthermore, it has rich graphical interface that allows users to chat lively with all the colorful emotional icons. In order to download the application, user needs to provide some basic personal info such as email, mobile OS and models and accepts the license agreement. If you think this suits your need, just download at Beejive free for quick trial.

Currently the beta version only works on Windows Mobile 6.X Professional & Standard Edition. Although it doesn’t compatible to older version of Windows Mobile such as version 5 or 2003, the software utility is also available to both famous Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry models.