Microsoft rolls out two important updates that trying to make Windows Vista looks more like high quality consumer product instead of half-finished testing codes rushed to production to beat deadline. KB938194 Vista Reliability Update and KB938979 Performance Update fixes and patches various bugs, hardware drivers incompatibility, instability, unreliability, various low performance issues and speed benchmarks in Windows Vista.

Given the importance and much sought after of improved updates and fixes to improve performance and stability in Vista, it’s a little wonder why Microsoft doesn’t distribute them as critical or high importance patches via Automatic Updates. Worse still, to download these 2 KB938194 and KB938979 updates from Microsoft Download Center, users need to install Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Validation Tool ActiveX applet, and pass the validation test.

If for some reason your system unable to pass the WGA validation check (fail the validation test), or you don’t want to install the crappy, unneeded and wanted extra program on your computer, you can download the KB938194 and KB938979 update hotfixes bypass and skip WGA validation test. No hack, no trick, no crack and no WGA, simply use the following direct download links to the .msu setup installer binaries hosted on Microsoft.

KB938979 Vista Performance Update

32-bit x86 version: Windows6.0-KB938979-x86.msu
64-bit x64 version: Windows6.0-KB938979-x64.msu

KB938194 Vista Reliability Update

32-bit x86 version: Windows6.0-KB938194-x86.msu
64-bit x65 version: Windows6.0-KB938194-x64.msu