Popular Windows Live Messenger’s add on, Messenger Plus! Live, has released an update, Version 4.70.334. Windows Live Messenger enthusiasts can download the latest update to enjoy the add-on features and extras as well as a more entertaining messaging experience.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.70.334 features a couple of interesting new things, including one in particular: auto-updates for all your scripts and skins! Users can enjoy the latest fancy and wonderful skins as and when there is an update to it. Users do not have to bother about updating as the add-on will do the job for them.

With the latest Messenger Plus! Live, users can also now paste very large chunks of text and pictures into a conversation. Messenger Plus! detects pasting operations that are not originally supported by Messenger and, when possible, generates a temporary file to send to the contact.

Windows Live Messenger users will also get to play emotion sound in stereo format using this add-on. This fixes problems caused by faulty hardware or drivers that do not handle mono sound files properly (resulting in incorrect playback or no playback at all).

Messenger Plus! Live has organized a Skinning Contest to challenge skin developers to come up with the best skin in conjunction to this release. The deadline of this contest is September 14th at 23:59:59, Greenwich Mean Time. To participate, all users need to submit a skin to the official database (the contest is open worldwide), updates of existing skins are accepted. All the skins will be tested in the current most popular version of Messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8.5 (no need to make them work in the outdated Messenger 9 Beta from last winter). Users can read more about the contest via the link here.

Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.70.334 via the direct link here.