There are various tools that can help to do screen capturing such as GreenShot or FastStone Capture 6.0 but if you are looking for a simple tool that only focus on this function without any other extra fancy features, you may want to give this software utility a try. Named as LightScreen, it allows users to have a quick and neat screen capture solution with just few simple clicks.

Once download and launch the application, users will be brought to a friendly GUI that lets users to have a quick setup. For instance, there is a way to choose the desired format of snapshots to be saved into ranging from PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF and PPM. Besides, users can select a specific folder to store all these snapshots with specific prefix and naming for easy tracking without messing up the whole PC. In terms of capturing mode, there are few selection such as whole screen that captures the entire desktop screen, active windows that captures current active windows or selected area that can be highlighted by using mouse cursor. One advantage about this tool is users can setup hotkeys to make the capturing process even much faster and simpler than others.

If you think this software is helpful, users can get a free download at LightScreen for immediate use.