Good news for all users who always switch between different web browsers for daily browsing activities. Now with the free Lunascape 5.0 Alpha version that integrates all three major web browsers (Firefox, Safari/Chrome, Internet Explorer) into one, users will be able to select particular rendering engine that able to reduce incompatibility issue with better efficiency and optimization when trying to render and display different web contents, that eventually bring most benefits out of them to end users.

Lunascape supports common Internet Explorer toolbar and add-ons and it is enhanced with anti-crash technology based on the fastest JavaScript Execution code for best possible performance. There are three rendering engines, namely Gecko, WebKit and Trident that users can select whenever opening a new tab or windows. Even if users decide to switch the rendering engine while in the middle of browsing, they can do so easily by just right clicking on the tab. Besides, it is featured with built-in RSS reader, auto-login that ensures the most pleasurable browsing experience for all.

This is especially useful for web developers when they need to run the compatibility tests among all different web browsers with various rendering engines. Currently Lunascape is still in Alpha 3 version and there is still improvement room that the developer can work on to make it one of the best web browsers for all. Lunascape is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Server 2003 and is free for download at Lunascape.