Generally users might not be so particular about a document theme but some users such as businessmen, artists, etc who are particular about professionalism would think differently. A better looking and professional theme presents a unique visual appearance that gives readers or recipients an impressive feeling. Microsoft Office Online offers users various document themes for users to download and apply in their document. However, if these themes are not suitable or users prefer a customized theme which can reflect their corporate identity and image, Microsoft has introduced a free tool, Theme Builder, to facilitate users to build their own document themes.


The Microsoft Theme Builder enables users to create their own document themes for Microsoft Office 2007. The documents themes will be saved in a new file format with the extension “.thmx”. These themes can be used or applied to word documents, excel spreadsheets, power point presentation slides, and also outlook emails. The theme creator is free and can be downloaded via the link here. The application requires .Net Framework and Office 2007 Primary Interop Assembiles. Users need to install these two applications prior to installing Theme Builder.