Microsoft Office ScreenTip Language is a feature that provides ScreenTip translations of user interface elements to help users navigate through Office client applications installed in a language they don’t understand. In other words, ScreenTip translations are been used to show the text of display elements – such as buttons, menus and dialog boxes – in another language.

Microsoft has made available the download of Microsoft Office 2010 ScreenTip Language to users of RTM final version of Office 2010. Translated ScreenTip languages are available for Microsoft Office Word 2010, Microsoft Office Excel 2010, Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft Office OneNote 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010, and Microsoft Office Publisher 2010.

With ScreenTip Language, multilingual users can see the names of display elements (such as buttons, menus and dialog boxes) in another language by pointing at them with their mouse. Note that the ScreenTip Language is not a full language pack for Office 2010. Instead, ScreenTip Language allows Office 2010 users to see a translated ScreenTip without needing to install a traditional language pack.

Some usage scenario examples are:

  • Bi-lingual and multi-lingual language assistance
  • Help Engineers can extend support for languages they do not understand
  • Users that temporarily use Office in a foreign language or for a temporary period of time (Roaming users)
  • Shared PC language usage

ScreenTip Language translations are available in the following languages: Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Russian. Once installed, users can click on Office File button, select Options, select Language and set ScreenTip Language to ‘Match Display Language’ to enable the translated ScreenTip language.

Note that the setup installer for ScreenTip Language of Office 2010 is per language, and users must install all languages they want one-by-one. In addition, the setup installer must also match the types of Office 2010 been installed on the computer, i.e. 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64).

All download links for setup installers (including 32-bit and 64-bit versions) of Microsoft Office 2010 Screen Tip Language is available for free download from

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