Have you ever encountered a bad situation whereby your computer system fails to detect mouse in the middle of work that requires lots of mouse movement? Unless you keep a spare computer mouse anytime ready for replacement, else this software utility could offer a great help to quickly get you continue on your current task. Named as Mouse Emulator v2.0, it emulates mouse movement with a combination of number key press on your hardware keyboard.

Mouse Emulator v2.0 utilizes numeric keypad (just press Shift + NumLk to activate for laptop)buttons to simplify the mouse movement. For instance, user can just press on keypad number 1 to emulate left mouse click or keypad number 2 to emulate right mouse click. Further clicking on same buttons will further move them in respective direction. Below are the keys recognized by Mouse Emulator as summarized below:

Keypad 1: Left mouse click
Keypad 2: Right mouse click
Keypad 3: Middle mouse click
Keypad 4: Move left
Keypad 5: Move down
Keypad 6: Move right
Keypad 8: Move up
Keypad 9: Scroll up

Mouse Emulator v2.0 is a freeware and you probably won’t notice its existence as it only consumes 10kB of your system hard disk space. To deactivate Mouse Emulator, just right click on the mouse icon as located in the taskbar. While it may not able to totally replace your actual mouse usage but it will definitely able to assist you in case of any emergency when mouse usage is important. If you think it suits you, just go to download at Mouse Emulator v2.0 with no cost.