Download Mover version 1.1 is a very simple tool that will help you organize your folders in more systematic way. Although this tool has been in the market for quite a while and even the support has been discontinued, but you will appreciate its usefulness when come to the capability of differentiating file type (based on the extension such as txt, doc, xls, and etc) and store them into specific folders automatically with only simple setup procedure.

Once download the zip file, just execute the exe file and it will bring you to the setup menu. From there, users can select as many directories as possible to monitor by clicking on the ‘new’ button to add in the directory links. Immediate after that, user can add in specific file type (such as txt, doc, pdf) that needs to be detected followed by another directory that is intended to be used to store those files. Besides, users can select interval (in seconds) of every detection to take place and all these files will be transferred to the new directory automatically without additional effort.

The zip file consumes less than 350kB and is downloadeable at Download Mover with no charge.