You may have experienced some volume changes when listening to MP3 tracks and these uneven volume settings may cause very un-pleasurable audio experience to end users. Instead of trying to adjust it by tuning the volume knob on your player each and every time when the track changes, you may wonder if there is any kind of software that can automatically do the fine tuning for you. Now with MP3Gain freeware, it can automatically adjust the volume of a group of audio MP3 files to a predefined target volume so that you will be able to enjoy the audio tracks in fully relaxing mode.

Unlike other volume gain normalizers software, MP3Gain is claimed to be able to perform better job by doing statistical analysis on a collection of MP3 files, then dynamically adjust the decibel point so that the variance can be reduced to much lower level. Basically there are two modes that users can configure, namely Track and Album mode. The first one will adjust the volume of a mixture of unrelated songs to a predefined targeted volume level, for example: 89 dB whereas the latter will adjust according to the related songs such as those appeared in an “album CD” so that it can preserve the delta between individual songs in the album itself for a much more realistic multimedia experience. More importantly, both these changes will not affect the original quality of the sound tracks.

The software utility is compatible with Windows OS such as 95/98/2000 and XP and users can download the free software utility at MP3Gain.