Multiple screens setup could improve efficiency but sometimes it may cause inconvenience of getting your mouse cursors moving from one screen to another. If you experience this and intend to bring mouse cursor across multiple screens easily, you can try this simple software utility with the name of Multi Monitor Mouse. With this software utility, it will able to speed up the mouse pointer movement by simply activating hotkey combination through keyboard or mouse buttons.


Once installed and launched the application, users can almost start using it as there is not much setup required. In the main menu, there is a way to select either to trigger mouse movement by keyboard or mouse buttons. By default, just click on Alt + ScreenNum on the keyboard will bring your mouse across multiple monitors in single click. Besides, users can choose the placement mode either in Frame Relative, Location Memory or stays exactly at the center of the screen whenever the cursor is being moved to new screen.

Multi Monitor Mouse is free for download here and will be useful especially for those that have desktop space spread across three or more different screens in use simultaneously. It runs well in Windows 2000/XP OS (Operating System) with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.