Windows Mobile device is a good companion to bring along due to its lightweight and portability as compared to laptop. However, it has a huge trade off of not having huge screen and even worst is the built in soft or even hard keyboard is not ideal for fast typing. Now there is a solution for it. Named as My Mobiler v1.2, this is a must have tool on the desktop that can enable user to view and even control Windows Mobile Device in a better way.

What it does is the software utility is able to sync up with mobile device and let the user views the content on your desktop. That is not all, it allows user to control and browse using keyboard and mouse connected to your desktop. In this way, user will be able to drag and drop files, capture mobile screen, browse through mobile explorer and even more like what it can be done in typical desktop view. Although it is only viewable at 240 X 320, but the resolution is more than sufficient as compared to the viewable screen on mobile device. It is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0 and even 6.0 professional. No harm to get and try at MyMobiler since it is totally free for use. One of the great applications that I can think of is whenever the user needs to demonstrate the mobile device capability, he can use this utility to connect to desktop and project it to the wall through projector simultaneously.