Good news for those mobile users that always like to be stay connected with peers while on the move. Now there is a new software platform that enables live chatting, free calling and even share pictures across multiple (IM) Instant Messaging platforms such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo!, ICQ, Google Talk and many more. Named as Nimbuzz, it is suitable for various mobile OS ranging from Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile OS that make it one of the most popular IM community platform for mobile users.

Basically there are only three simple steps in order to enjoy the benefits. First, just download the application into your mobile phones and users can select the specific models’ installation files here by keying in the right mobile models. For instance, if you are owning Windows Mobile devices, select ‘Windows Mobile’ under the model number and just download the respective cab file into your mobile device. Then, follow the instructions appear on your mobile screen to install and launch it but before you can use it, there is a need to create own login account, either through desktop or mobile web browsers.

This is definitely a good IM platform environment especially for those users that used to maintain few different accounts at the same time. Besides available for mobile version, there is also a desktop version, Nimbuzz PC targeted for those home or office users. Unlike mobile version, currently it is only compatible with Windows OS such as 2000 and XP.