How many emails do you receive in a day? For my case, typically I have more than hundreds of new emails received daily. Most of the time, I don’t have time to go through all of them and those emails will be piled up in local folders eventually. I always wonder how nice would it be if there is any auto email filtering system that can help to offload these routine work. Finally I find this – OTIR 1.3 that works nicely in Microsoft Outlook. Although it is not as smart as able to scan what is important and delete what is not, but at least it helps to filter out those duplicate items stored in Microsoft Outlook folders. OTIR stands for Outlook Duplicate Item Remover. As the name implies, it is a software utility that can help users to clean up any duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook folders.

Those duplicate items that I mentioned can be in the form of emails, contacts, tasks, notes or even calendar. Just download and install the application and it is ready to be used. No PC restart is required but you need to close Microsoft Outlook and re-launch in order for it to be effective. From the main menu, you should find the OTIR sub menu and just click on it to start the screening process. User can select which particular folder to screen through. If the screening is able to find the duplicate items, those duplicate items will be stored in the automated created “ODIR_Duplicate_Items” subfolder. You can zip and store the subfolder elsewhere or even delete the subfolder if you trust the program. I have tried out myself and amazingly, there are so many duplicate emails that being detected throughout the screening process.

The software utility is free for download now at ODIR 1.3 . Get a quick try and see how much memory capacity that it would save you after the clean up. Hopefully, it will make your life easier and more efficient so that you have more time to be spent on other daily tasks.