Kodak’s Photo Compact Disc (PCD) format is a multi-resolution compressed graphic file format commonly used by Kodak especially on its Pro Photo CD discs. Since PCD files are only used by Kodak, most of the time Kodak users might have difficulties to open and convert the photo format into other widely supported formats such as JPG, BMP, etc via some photo editors or graphics conversion programs. This will stop users from using the photos such as exporting to presentation slides, upload to photo sharing sites, etc. If users couldn’t find other conversion application, probably they can try up pcdtojpeg app.

Pcdtojpeg is a free PCD images files into high quality JPEG images files conversion program released under GNU General Public License (GPL). This free graphics conversion tool supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platform. The latest version 1.0.2 has been released and users can download it via the link here. pcdtojpeg is able to perform high quality conversions to convert Photo CD format to JPEG format without compromising the resolution: full color scheme is well managed, no blown highlights or color casts. Besides that, this app will also extract all PCD metadata during the conversion so that the converted images keep all the information.