The free and professional installation system for Win32, NSIS or Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, by Nullsoft has released its latest NSIS V 2.39. NSIS is an efficient open source system to create Windows installers. The script driven Windows installation system is small in size and it is also very suitable to create web installers and communicate with Windows and other software components. Nowadays NSIS has raised its popularity amongst commercial as well as proprietary developers. It is widely used by developers to create efficient and compatible installers

Changes in this release:
Major Changes
* Added !define /file and !searchparse (patch #2016254)
* Added service pack macros (AtLeastServicePack, IsServicePack, AtMostServicePack) for WinVer.nsh (patch #2036802)

Minor Changes
* Added more nsDialogs list box handling macros (patch #2041919)
* Added Unicode version compatible System string type (patch #2025721, RFE #1961307)
* Fixed nsDialogs atom leak (bug #2053522)
* Minor documentation improvements
* Show hand cursor for nsDialogs links (patch #2004129)

Download NSIS 2.39 via the direct link here.

Download NSIS 2.44.