Occasionally you may experience Windows PC system slow down and even worst is when it is totally not responsive to your mouse scrolling or keyboard typing. This could happen especially when limited CPU cycles are heavily loaded when trying to handle multiple processes simultaneously. This is quite irritating and what users usually do is to click on Ctrl + Alt + Del to bring up Task Manager and end the unresponsive tasks manually. Now with the new intelligent software utility named as Process Lasso, it is claimed to be able to help you to monitor and manage the process prioritization automatically and eventually eliminating system halt and improve overall system responsiveness.

With Process Lasso, users can get a quick glance on system performance by looking at System responsiveness graph. When certain processes are detected to consume too much CPU cycles, its priority will be reduced accordingly, giving way for other tasks to be processed without causing system halting. The software utility is free and once you install it, it is ready to be used immediately although some may prefer to play with its configuration settings. Through its Graphical User Interface, users can set certain rules for default process affinities and priorities that even include both the TweakScheduler and VistaMMSC utilities targeted for different system configuration specifically on NT and Vista multimedia scheduler parameters.

Process Lasso is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista OS (Operating Systems). Consuming around 2MB of your computer RAM, it won’t add overhead to your whole CPU utilization and is suitable to install for much more stable system performance.

Download Process Laso 32-bit
Download Process Laso 64-bit

Update: Free Process Lasso Pro v4