symantec.gif Symantec has released its free public beta for its new Norton AntiBot software that can identify malware on user’s system by analyzing its behavior. This public beta version Norton Antibot is based on technology licensed from Sana Security plus a few minor add-ins from Symantec’s SONAR behavioral scanning technology.

Symantec revealed that this Norton AntiBot is meant as a supplement to antivirus software, not a replacement. It doesn’t rely on signatures to detect malicious software. Instead, this product constantly and actively monitors all running processes. For instance, it monitors how a program behaves, what the Registry changes the program makes, what internet site the program try to contact, etc. Through this monitoring process, it can detect the suspicious activities when some versatile “bot” malwares try to break into the infected PCs and the PCs being remote-controlled.

Technically, this Norton Antibot is a stand-alone security software. It wouldn’t conflict with other antivirus programs, neither Norton’s product nor other competitors’ product. This beta version is now available for free download from Symantec. The final version is expected to be out in July.