For those of you that always move the files in both music and picture folder may have encountered this problem – the directory may appear to have too many sub folders but when you click into it, there is no file at all. Apparently, you may have deleted or moved them when trying to consolidate the lists for CD burning or photo printing. It looks very messy with too many empty folders and even worst, it makes your life inefficient when trying to do files searching. Here is a solution for you! The RED (Remove Empty Directories) application software will scan and detect any empty folders and delete them from your PC or laptop.

This software tool is useful for those that want to get rid empty folders with few simple steps. Once you installed the program, you can run it to detect any empty directories and subsequently clear it permanently from your computer. While not all empty folders are useless and some may be important temporary folders needed for some application to work correctly, there is a way to customize the directory so that only specific folder fall under it will be detected and deleted.

The application software is downloadable at jonasjohn’s website. Periodically, you may want to use this tool to clean up all the empty directories in your laptop. It may not help much in boosting your PC performance but at least it helps you to organize better and work more effectively.