Previously we mentioned about PhotoRazor that can resize pictures in bulk, but in case you don’t need to have bulk conversion and just would like to have more flexibility in terms of feature sets that you can configure, RIOT could be a right software tool that you can try. RIOT, or also known as Radical Image Optimization Tool is a tiny software utility that can help users to compress any photo images so that it can be uploaded to websites or shared to friendly without congesting your available network bandwidth.


RIOT comes with a simple GUI that allows users to alter the picture formats ranging from JPEG, GIF or PNG and etc as desired. Users can browse to open original photo and if it exceeds the threshold of maximum photo size (in MB) being configured, it will prompt users for resizing before proceeding to conversion or compression at a much faster speed. Good thing is, there will be two opened windows (with photos) side by side so that users can compare the original source with the compressed version in terms of file size and compression quality. To simplify the conversion process, there is a way to set the maximum photo size so that the compressed photo can stay within the allowable size (ex: 100kB) without much degradation on its original photo quality. Some additional features include the quality scaling, chroma subsampling, progressive, Grayscale mode and many more that will definitely help maintaining its great visual effect for practical use.

There are two versions – RIOT Lite and extended version available for free download. Users can refer to differences and choose the right one at here for immediate use.