There are various utilities that can assist users in satellite TV setup and in case you are looking for one that can help you figuring out the right positioning of your dish to accept signals particular satellite, SatHunter is one of them that you can’t miss. With such utility on hand, you no longer need to blindly scan through the sky for your favorite satellites with card sharing support but instead, it will give you the right dish positioning once you enter necessary info such as city and country name or latitude/longitude coordinates that will greatly simplify your tuning tasks at root top.

Once download and launch the utility, users will be brought to a simple graphical interface with five main menus namely Site Location, Align, Sun Calculator, Multi Feed and DVB Tuner. If you are interested to have the right angle and positioning of how your dish should point to, probably the first two menu icons – Site Location and Align should be sufficient for the start. Follow below steps to get it done.

  1. Click on Site Location, under the City field, enter your current location on where you would like to get the dish installed. Once left click, the correct latitude and longitude coordinate will appear.
  2. Then, shift to Align menu, you will notice a whole list of available satellites with respective position, Azimuth, Elevation, Converter rotation and etc that will give you the clue on where you shall point the dish to.
  3. Scroll down the list and carefully look for the right satellite and you should get the information that you need for the dish setup.

Not to worry about difficulty on how to interpret this, there is a graphical diagram that you can refer for quicker understanding even suitable for newbies. This should serve as a good start before you start configuring your Dreambox satellite decoder for card sharing so that by the time you have them ready, probably fine tuning should be sufficient to get you the precise direction without any third party help. However, patience is a must but with the assistance of such utility, hopefully it will shorten your effort spend on dish setup which is most time consuming one out of the whole process. SatHunter is free for trial (up to 10 usages) but costs $29.95 for purchase.