How frequent you need to wipe off all your Windows Mobile devices’ contents before releasing to third party. Occasionally, you may need to do so when upgrading to a new phone. Normally what we usually do is just delete all the personal files from device or do a hard reset intending to bring it back to default condition with the hope that no sensitive information is being passed along together with the device. However, none of these methods is safe as those personal contents can be easily retrieved with special recovery software by any third party. Aiko Solutions, an Europe based Windows mobile developer has just released a new software utility targeted to provide a better solution that can wipe off all your personal data securely, leaving a completely safe Windows Mobile device. Named as SecuWipe, it is fully compliant with US DoD (Department of Defense) method that makes it one of the best data erasure utility for mobile market.

User can download the cab file (around 600kB) at SecuWipe and transfer it to mobile device via Active Sync just like what they usually do. Once completed, just install and launch it and it will bring you to a simple GUI with four icons, namely ‘Wipe File’, ‘Wipe Folder/Flash’, ‘Wipe Free Space’ and ‘Custom wipe’. All of them are self explanatory and user just needs to select the right folders/files in which it contains personal data to wipe all off with only a single click. Alternatively, user can do a ‘Custom Wipe’ to selectively delete either the contacts, emails, SMS, personal information or all at once.

SecuWipe is compatible with Windows Mobile as well as Windows CE handheld devices and is currently being released for public with a 30-day trial period. Users can have a full trial today totally free of charge and just get a download at SecuWipe if you think it suits your need.