If you prefer to maintain many opened tabs for faster web browsing and cross reference simultaneously, you may experience difficulty in getting the right tab for quick reference sometimes. Instead of browsing one by one to open and check if it is the right one, now with this Firefox add-on named as Showcase v0.9.5, it allows users to put all tabs in thumbnail mode for fast view before zooming into the right tabs that make the web browsing experience much more effective than before.

Once download and install the add-on, just restart the firefox web browser for it to be effective. After re-launching the web browser, you will notice a drop down button appeared on the top right corner. Clicking on it will activate all the tabs in thumbnail views so that users can look for the right webpage in one glance. In case you need some customizations on the appearance, just go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Select Firefox Showcase 0.9.5 followed by Options. Over here, users can customize thumbnails’ size , labels, tooltip and etc. Besides, there are various settings that allows users to configure Window, Tab and Sidebar functions and more based on own preference.

Firefox Showcase 0.9.5 is free for download here and it is compatible with Firefox version from 1.5 up to 3.2a1pre.