Social Networking is common among teenagers and with more and more PC with built-in camera module, video chatting has becomes more popular now. Good news now if you are a Skype preferred users, the recently beta release of Skype version 5.0 promises a long awaiting group video calls with up to five peoples.

In order to enjoy the group video calls, all the intended callers are required to install and run with the new version or otherwise, they will have trouble using it. And once you have that ready, just use the ‘Add’ button to invite your friends followed by a click on ‘Video Call button’.

Some other new features that have been added to Skype 5.0 beta including the improved video snapshot gallery, browser plugins performance boost as well as redesigned calling experience that focuses more on on-going calling session while minimizing other non-important panes. On top of these, there are bugs fixes for issues such as high CPU utilization when connected to TouchCamN1 or Twincam camera, Skype not ringing, false positives on browser plugin phone number recognition, crashed issue when importing contacts via welcome screen and many more. However, since it is still in early beta release, it is unavoidable with some known issues (with or without workaround) and in case you experience new weird issues, users are recommended to feedback to developer for further improvement before final release soon.

Do note that the group video calling feature is advertised as free trial, and is likely to become one of the new premium paid-for features when Skype 5.0 is officially released.

Consumed around 22MB of your hard disk space, Skype 5.0 beta version is already available for download now so do enjoy a more effective multi-party video chatting now at no additional charge.