How frequent do you need the SMS auto delivery notification whenever a new message was delivered successfully? If this is the way that you would like to make sure all the messages were delivered without failure, then there could be an extra work for you to delete those auto notification messages before it piles up in your space constraint inbox folder. Fortunately, with the introduction of this software utility from JGUI, an independent software developer for mobile platform solutions, user no longer needs to perform the message deletion manually as this tiny tool will help to wipe off all notification message automatically at a pre-configured intervals. Named as SMS reports eraser, the software utility is free and works well with all kind of Windows Mobile Devices.

What you need to do is just download the .cab file at JGUI and store it in your mobile device either through USB cable or infra-red connectivity. Like what you normally do, just launch the application directly from you mobile device and follow the instructions will do. Once successfully installed, remember to restart the mobile device in order for the application to be effective.

There are few options that user can configure during the initial setup. First one is the interval of how long the notification reports will be deleted since the last received report. Besides, it offers an additional feature that user can configure to make an audible alert, either via female or male voice upon receiving the notification messages, at least user will not miss any notification messages before auto deletion. Hopefully with this in place, it will save some of your valuable time for other more value added tasks in your daily life.