There are various useful web based signature generators which allow users to create their own personalized graphical signature to be inserted in e-mails, business e-cards, web banners, forums, blogs, etc. If web based applications are not your preferred tools, Sig Maker, a standalone signature generator from N Fyre is one useful signature creator tool that can help.


Sig Maker is a tiny executable application that allows users to quick create their custom sigs. This program is pretty simple to use and users do not require any image editing knowledge to run the program. It features a simple interface with all editing tools displayed on it. When users click on the editing tools, there is a small “Help” box located at the right bottom describing to users the function of each tool. This program comes with various text font and background templates for users to choose from and speeds up the creation process.

Users who want to try Sig Maker can download the application via the link here. It is free and users can use it to build a personalized signature completely from scratch. Some of the features of this tool include the following:

  • Tons of new fonts, textures and shines.
  • Vastly improved glow and drop shadow effects.
  • An outline function.
  • Signature colorization and inner glows.
  • Customizable background gradient
  • 4 color background gradients