radiotrackerSimilar to Nexus Radio, Muziic, iGetMusic, etc, Radiotracker is a streaming audio software application that music lovers would like to have. Radiotracker enlightens music lovers with free online MP3 music files downloadable from more than 20,000 radio stations based on artist selection. The audio program has a huge artist database where users can choose from. Once users have selected their favorite artist, Radiotracker will detect and deliver the selected artist’ songs which are playing on web radio stations. Users can then make their choices and Radiotracker will record the MP3 songs from various web radio stations for users. Users can listen and enjoy the music from their PC; alternately they can transfer to their portable MP3 player. Music enthusiasts also can make use of this streaming audio software to look for song lyrics and album artwork.

Radiotracker has lately released its latest version Radiotracker 5 which costs around $26.90 to buy. If users do not mind an older version with less features, Radiotracker 4, or to occasionally bear with some annoying pop-up ads requesting you to upgrade the software, then you should grab the promotion package offered by the world leading developer and publisher of consumer software and business solutions, Avanquest UK. Avanquest offers users FREE download of Radiotracker 4 (file size 44MB) with a valid license key.

To get a free copy of Radiotracker 4, users can go to the promotional page via the link here. Users need to register an account with Avanquest if they haven’t. If they have registered, users just need to key in their email address under “For Avanquest Registered Users:” box.

Users will thence be prompted with the download link together with a valid password for activation. An email with the valid password also been sent to the users.

Update: Radiotracker 6.1 Standard Edition Free Download