Great news for Street Fighter hardcore fans! The global leading provider of interactive entertainment for game consoles, PCs, handheld and wireless devices, Capcom has launched its long-awaited Street Fighter IV fighting game for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. The new Street Fighter IV incorporates 7 different environments and 8 classic fighter characters – Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, Able, Blanka, Dhalsim and M. Bison, featuring multiplayer capability that lets players battle head-to-head in Versus mode over Bluetooth.

Taking full advantage of the iPhone/iPod touch’s touchscreen capability, players control the Street Fighter IV with an unique on-screen “Visual Pad” system.

Features of Street Fighter IV for iPhone and iPod touch:

  • Robust move sets – Unique Attacks, Special Moves, Focus Attacks, Super Combos and Ultra Combos
  • Multiplayer lets you challenge your friends in Versus mode via Bluetooth, aiming for a true arcade experience
  • New “Dojo” mode transforms neophytes into Street Fighter masters in 5 in-depth lessons on dominating the fighting game
  • Fully customizable interface that can reposition controls as well as set the level of transparency
  • SP Move Assist allows players to unleash their character’s super moves with just a tap of a button and a directional input

The new Street Fighter IV mobile game for iPhone and iPod touch is now available for download on the App Store at around $10.

Also view the official trailer of Street Fighter IV for iPhone and iPod touch: