It is quite common that you need to look for reference documents with specific keywords and grab them out for quick discussion . When the database containing those files becomes bigger, the chance to get those related files in the shortest time will be extremely low. One instance could be some customer’s enquiries that require you to react and search for quick answer during the conference call. Even if you have categorized them well, but still you may miss out some important or related data that you may not even remember seeing them before. NeuroPower Technologies has developed a few very useful tools targeted for this kind of applications. Named as Superior Search version 2005, it can simplify the searching process by able to compare and extract all the related documents containing the specific keywords.

Superior Search offers a wide format and flexible configuration that allows user to search for the right files in shortest possible time. For the start, user can do the indexing by browsing the specific folders that he is interested to do the search in it. Indexing is only required once but will take some time to complete depending on the folder files which will enable faster text searching in a later stage. Alternatively, user can start the searching directly just like normal searching tool without the indexing as well. Good thing here, the tool can search all types of standard formats files as well as some less common standards including ARC, LHA and etc. To shorten the searching time, user can even select specific file format or only search within specific folders with all kinds of different combinations to improve the efficiency.

Just download it for 30-days trial here at Superior Search 2005. Alternatively, user can try the Superior Search 2004 free version which consume less than 5MB of your hard disk space.