Previously we mentioned about Swype new virtual keyboard input mechanism that can enhance typing experience on mobile device, good news now for those Android users that would like to try the apps. Swype has made available a beta version for public targeted specifically for Android mobile devices.

Since this is still in early beta testing, users are required to do a simple registration here with valid email address and a link will be sent to the email inbox for activation. Do take note that you will need to open up the email that you registered through Android phone or else a message ‘Sorry! This is not an Android phone’ will pop up on your Windows or MAC PC. Once received, just open the invitation email and click on the link to activate it. Take note that the file size is almost 3MB so it is advisable to get your Android mobile connected via WiFi instead of relatively low speed 3G cellular network. After activation, users can go to phone setting and select Locale & text then check the box next to Swype, proceed to any text input related application such as text messaging, note and it is ready to be used. Press and hold anywhere in the text field and under the input method, choose Swype will bring up the feature for users to enjoy the fast and simple input mechanism regardless on your tiny screen smartphone devices.

Currently the app is still in beta version so do expect to see some instability or problem and users are encouraged to visit its Forum or send email to for further improvement.