Task Manager is a very useful tool that enables computer users to figure out what processes are currently running in their systems and how much each of them actually suck up the CPU usage while providing option to terminate some unresponsive tasks to certain level. If you think that it is still not powerful enough, then this tiny application, named as System Explorer v1.5 could be a good alternative.

System Explorer is an enhanced version of Task Manager that provides a much comprehensive view of running processes in your PC system. Besides covering what could be done by Task Manager, it also gives a second level information details such as startup applications, IE add-ons, installed drivers and etc so that users will have a better clarify on everything that are running in their computer systems. Besides, it also provides a one-stop solution that allows users to terminate running processes, delete startup applications and manage network connections with simple graphical user interface at any time. Despite all these great features, the software utility is very lightweight and will not add burden to your current CPU and RAM utilization in PC systems.

There are two versions available for free download now. First one is normal desktop download which will install the whole application on your computer system while the second one is portable file (in zip file) that can be stored in USB thumb drive to be brought everywhere and used in other PC machines. Consumed only at 1MB, it works great in any Windows OS such as XP and even Vista. Users can just go to download System Explorer at no charge for immediate use.