T-Mobile has launched a free downloadable, Vivox-powered Bobsled application for Facebook, which the mobile carrier claims as the first VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) product under its new Bobsled by T-Mobile brand aimed at bringing communications services innovation to a new level. This Bobsled app is designed to enable an instant, free-of-charge Facebook calling among over half a billion Facebook users around the globe, right from Facebook Chat.

In addition to Facebook voice calling, the users also allowed to send voice messages to their Facebook friends either privately, or publicly through the Wall.

Once the Bobsled app is installed, you can make a one-touch voice calling to your Facebook friends with a single click on the desired name who lives and online in Facebook Chat. The Bobsled app is no required to be downloaded for receiving the voice call.

According to T-Mobile, they’re planned to evolve Bobsled by T-Mobile to include more interesting features in the near future, including video chatting, make VoIP calling to U.S mobile and landline, and support communication services on smartphones and tablets throughout a variety of mobile OS.

Bobsled application for Facebook that’s not T-Mobile exclusive is now available as a free download from here for every Facebook users.

Note: If you get 404 page, just visit directly to http://www.letsbobsled.com/ and click Jump On!