For security reasons, you tend to be quite careful and from time to time might suspect there are malicious software or unauthorized personnel trying to access your files or folders and try to make changes, add or delete them. For avoidance of doubt, instead of checking these files or folders from time to time, files and folders monitoring application tools such as TheFolderSpy can be quite helpful to give you assistance.

TheFolderSpy is a free lightweight portable monitoring tool for Windows OS which can help users to monitor and alert users on defined files and folders in background. This files and folders monitoring utility is user friendly and does not require installation to play its role. This monitoring spy will monitor various types of changes in real-time such as creation of new files, deletion, attributes changes, access date, file size changes etc. It will alert users when these changes are detected. Users can define particular files and folders to be monitored and instruct TheFolderSpy to execute files when a change is detected, e.g. play a sound track, execute a program, etc. When users see a particular program being executed all of the sudden, it indicates to users that some changes are going on in their defined folders/files.

Users who might have security concerns can download this standalone folders/files monitoring application via the link here. This application is compatible with Windows only.