There are various website uptime and downtime monitoring tools as well as online services that can specifically assist webmasters and bloggers to manage and monitor their website status. These tools such as Nagios, Website Monitoring, Zabbix, URL Guard, etc which have been introduced earlier will alert and notify webmasters and bloggers in the event their websites are down and thus minimize the “downtime effects” that can commercially affect them. Tiny Site Watcher, another downtime monitoring application has been added to the list for users to utilize and monitor their web status.

Tiny Site Watcher is available in both standard and free versions. This tiny application will monitor the status of any website or computer on the network and alert users visually, audibly and even by emails in the event the site or machine does not respond. Tiny Site Watcher features a simple and user friendly interface for website developers and even website users to configure and set up a monitoring channel for checking the health and smooth operation of their sites.


Users who are not willing to pay can download the Tiny Site Watcher free version via the link here. Both the standard and free version requires .NET Framework to run the application. The free version is limited to the following features only:

  • Monitor a single website
  • Check by issuing a TCP/IP PING
  • Alert by playing a user specified sound file (mp3/wav)