Previously we mentioned about PC Wizard 2008 that can dissect your PC system details in terms of both hardware and software. Although it is quite comprehensive and useful but in actual fact the application software is quite bulky to be installed in any computer system. If you are not interested in very low level details but still would like to find out your system utility information without the hassle of installing a new program into your space constraint PC, you may want to try this lightweight tool at no charge. Named as TinyResMeter 0.96, it is very small foot print program but yet able to help to display all the system utility in Windows system for quick glance.

The software is very simple to be operated. Users don’t even need to install the software utility and can just execute the exe file and a small icon will appear in your taskbar. Right clicking on it will bring you to a simple quick menu that you can configure what you need to monitor, how you want it to be displayed and etc. There is a huge list of all available fields in your system utility that you can select to monitor. I may not able to list all here but some of the most common ones include CPU speed, CPU usages, Processes, Services, Threads, Cache and even networking stuffs such as TCP Connections and UDP Listening ports.

The tiny software utility may not show comprehensive information as what being offered by other tools, but its great advantage is it only consumes around 55kB and there is an exe version that can be stored in thumb drive to be brought to any other Windows PC for quick monitoring. If you think this is helpful, just get a free download at TinyResMeter with no cost.