While using the keyboard to type on your laptop, users often face the problem of accidentally brushing the touchpad and thus moving the cursor to other parts of the screen. Users may not be aware as their fingers fly off the keyboard and may even accidentally click on a shortcut option. This slows down the typing and causes errors if users do not have the time to check their work. Users might think of using an extended keyboard or pressing the disable touchpad button (available for some laptops) to avoid this problem. Alternatively, applications such as TouchFreeze can be handy.

TouchFreeze is a simple application that addresses this problem for Windows NT/2000/XP users. Once activated, TouchFreeze automatically disables the touchpad when users are typing. Once it is activated, it will be added into the system tray. This application will freeze the touch pad while users are typing. TouchFreeze works well in Windows XP but it couldn’t function when we tested it in Windows 7.

Download TouchFreeze via the link here.