Occasionally, you may need to clear out some hard disk space in order for your PC system to run smoothly. But to know which sub folders consume most of the memory space could be a challenge especially when you have so many levels of sub folders in your system. Here is a simple yet powerful software utility that may able to help you. Named as TreeSizeFree, it is a tiny software utility that allows users to have a complete outlook of tree levels in their hard disk space and eventually helps them to figure out which folders or subfolders have the largest files to be cleared or backup in external hard disk.

TreeSize Free comes with very basic GUI that lets users customize which directories they are interested into. Once after selecting it, it will show all the memory usage for that particular folder in a ‘File Explorer’ kind of interface. Further clicking on will expand the sub folders, letting you zoom down into which specific sub folders that consume the most memory space. Besides, users have the options to show memory allocation in kB/MB, percentage, allocated space and even the file counts in specific folders. That is not all, users can also print out the report in case there is a need to keep a copy for future reference.

The software utility is very useful for those that would like to clear some storage space but have too many sub folders directories that need to go through. Users can install the utility directly or download the zip file (without installation needed) to be saved in thumb drive and use anywhere in other PC system at JamSoftware free of charge.